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DragonSkin System Solution

The RFS Technologies DragonSkin™ System is the most cost-effective and complete modular solution for 2-hour pathway survivability. The all-in-one solution combines RFS Technologies DragonSkin UL 2196-certified ½-in coax cables with IP-rated components and connectors in the RFS Technologies Flamebar® cabinet, a UL 263-certified cabinet that meets NFPA 72 and NFPA 1221/1225 standards. With the DragonSkin System, you can reduce risks with a complete, UL-tested, approved, certified and listed solution that’s proven to continuously operate at temperatures up to 1850 °F (1010 °C) for 2 hours. And you can perform maintenance tasks without compromising the UL 263 rating or wrapping cables.


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"DragonSkin saves space, cost, and time. Wrapping a 75-foot section of cable with a typical industry wrapping product would have been twice as expensive, taken ten times as long with twice the manpower, and may not have been physically possible in the ceiling space available. That's an extremely difficult install compared to DragonSkin."

- Tyler Cuffe, Power Design, DAS Project Executive, PMP